Services and Features

Platform 6 includes a set of services and features that accelerate building an enterprise-grade application.

Custom services can also be built by the developer in Java, Node.js, .Net or Go, and added to Platform 6.


The Transactions service provides access to all transactions performed by the application. It features a configurable search & display capability, supports customizable views and manages user display preferences.

Users & Permissions

Platform 6 offers a flexible and detailed permission system, allowing to create very detailed set of rights (called Permission sets) related to features, services and related items, and assign them to users.


Platform 6 supports complex org structures allowing users to be assigned to one or more org nodes. Assignments are leveraged by workflows and filters. Text and file properties can be attached to any org node.


Platform 6 workflow engine is very powerful and configurable, supporting processes that require user actions (reviewing or completing outgoing transactions, approving incoming ones…).


The Scripts service is meant to handle all kinds of transformation and business document processing. It leverages Groovy scripting enhanced with a Platform 6 DSL.

Routing Orders

This service allows to search, edit and reprocess Routing Orders, which are persistent instructions to execute a service with a fixed number of parameters.


This service is meant to create, edit and display all kinds of Google Chart reports (bar chars, pie charts, etc) based on data sources created via Scripts.


Platform 6 makes it very easily create and customize dashboards / home pages that combine all sorts of KPIs, graphical reports and html content.


The Tables service creates and manages configurable tables that are used to to store and leverage the data managed by the application or that controls its behavior (cross-referencing, enrichment, settings…)


The Routes service configures event-based rules, triggers, scheduled tasks, file system listeners, blockchain events, API endpoints, etc.
It uses Apache Camel to define and implement routing and mediation rules.

Transport protocols

Platform 6 supports data exchange using standard protocols like AS2, SFTP, FTPS, SMTP, HTTPs, SOAP or REST web services…


The Payment service of Platform 6 leverages the Stripe payment platform to support online payments, via all types of Credit Cards and Automated Clearing House (ACH).