P6 powered solution Ondiflo featured on BlockTribune

By 10 September 2019News

BlockTribune recently reported on the BPX Energy blockchain project successfully completed by Ondiflo, a startup founded by ConsenSys and Amalto.

Powered by Platform 6 and leveraging IoT, GPS data and Ethereum smart contracts, the Ondiflo solution, aims at transforming complex and time-consuming ticketing-based processes in the Oil and Gas industry.

A few metrics for this initial deployment:

  • 50 metered wells were connected to the Ondiflo platform, sending tank levels every 5 minutes
  • 10,500 hauls have been automatically processed since the start of the project
  • 65 truck drivers and 11 dispatchers used the Ondiflo app directly
  • One of the three participant companies used their own e-ticketing app connected to the Ondiflo APIs

From a technical standpoint, the Ondiflo R&D team leveraged Platform 6 to create and then run two different blockchain-based applications, one designed for the O&G Producers and one for the Service Providers. During the project, each trading partner (BPX and the 3 suppliers) benefited for their own decentralized application.

BlockTribune concludes the article with a quote from Ondiflo’s CEO Jean-Pierre Foehn: “We are confident that when moving to production with the integration of the various back-office systems involved in the Procure-to-Pay, the impact of automation will be fully realized and will lead the industry to quick adoption.”

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