How Amalto uses Platform 6

By 9 January 2019Blog post

Founded in 2005, Amalto Technologies provides innovative enterprise-level solutions enabling B2B integration and electronic document exchange services, automating master data and transactional data flows between clients’ internal solutions (ERP, CRM, billing software) and their trading partners (customers, suppliers, logistics providers, banks…) or cloud solutions like Salesforce and SAP Ariba…

Over the years, Amalto developed a strong relationship with flagship customers like Chevron, Iron Mountain, Clean Harbors, Suez, Thales, and many others. The typical Amalto client has revenues ranging from a couple hundred million dollars to a few billion dollars.

While the majority of clients leverage Amalto to streamline their Order to Cash process thanks to the integrated submission and reception of electronic transactions (like Purchase Orders, Advanced Shipping Notices, Invoices…), others focus on areas like Procure to Pay, system integration or logistics.

But regardless of the scope of business processes, transaction types, connected trading partners and systems, Amalto has always been applying the same approach: for each client, Platform 6 is used to develop a custom B2B application based on the client’s requirements and to run it in a private cloud mode (Amalto hosts a set of dedicated Platform 6 instances for each client).

Over the years, this approach has proven to be very flexible, secure and efficient. It also paved the way for Platform 6 to become the solution you know today:

  • A solution created by developers for application developers;
  • A solution to build apps able to support complex B2B scenarios, involving integration with external systems, data transformation, enrichment and validation, workflows and user interactions, etc.;
  • A solution with a proven stability and performance track record.

More recently, Platform 6 was also enhanced to be blockchain-compliant and blockchain agnostic, making it the perfect solution to build, package and run decentralized, enterprise-class, blockchain applications. These new features are already getting significant interest from leading Amalto clients willing to leverage innovation to keep their competitive advantage.

Platform 6 is now available for any organization to develop and market their applications, and, like Amalto did, grow a strong business with a loyal customer base and a solid stream of recurring revenue.

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