The Genesis of Platform 6

By 5 December 2018Blog post

It all started in 2006, when we founded Amalto Technologies, a B2B integration service provider, helping major clients automate the flow of business documents between their internal solutions (ERP, CRM, billing software) and external systems – trading partners (customers, suppliers, logistics providers, banks…) or cloud solutions (Salesforce, SAP Ariba…).


From a middleware to a platform

We initially developed a middleware, able to support back-end system integration and the exchange of electronic business documents. Over the years, it grew into a full platform that allowed Amalto teams to build and run high-end B2B transactional applications matching very specific and elaborate client requirements. Platform 6 was born.

Applications developed on Platform 6 support complex document processing (data validation, transformation, enrichment, orchestration), a wide range of options regarding secure connectivity and they benefit from a responsive design web interface providing end users with the ability to run reports, display dashboards, handle workflow tasks – and, obviously, search and display transactions, etc.


The low-code platform for decentralized transactional applications

Amalto experts always keep close tabs on innovation and early on investigated how blockchain technologies would fit in the enterprise world and B2B integration space. The team soon realized that, with a few additional features, Platform 6 would be the perfect solution for developers to build and package enterprise-class decentralized applications leveraging blockchain.

Therefore we decided to grow the scope of Platform 6 scope in a few directions:

  • Adding the ability to integrate with leading enterprise blockchain frameworks, starting with EthereumAllowing to easily package a developed application and install it on any Platform 6 instance (this was not needed before as each application developed by Amalto is specific to a particular client, therefore does not need to be distributed)
  • Creating a mechanism that supports a freemium business model while enabling organizations publishing Platform 6 applications to generate revenue from the usage of their published apps.

With these additions, Platform 6 now offers a unique solution for a startup, a systems integrator or any organization with development skills to build and package an enterprise-class decentralized application in a few days or weeks, then to install it and run it on any Platform 6 instance.

And in case you were wondering, Amalto is leveraging Platform 6 more than ever!

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